The Web Features are tools that you can adapt to use in your wedding planning. They are numbered to correspond to the text of my book To Do Before
“I Do,” and I encourage you to use them along with the book.


Chapter 2: Getting Organized
2-1: Template for a Mind Map
2-2: Categories for a Wedding Mind Map
2-3: Example of a Day Schedule
2-4: Example of an Individual’s Schedule
2-5: Sample Master Contact List
2-6: Real-Life Timetable, Condensed to 25 Weeks

Chapter 3: The Business Side
3-1: Typical Wedding Expenses
3-2: Sample Budget Worksheet
3-3: Sample Change-of-Address Form

Chapter 4: Initial Planning
4-1: Examples of Announcement Formats
4-2: Style Planning Sheet
4-3: Celebration Planning Sheet
4-4: Outline of the Ceremony
4-5: Outline of the Reception

Chapter 5: Venues
5-1: Expenses for a Reception Held in a Private Home
5-2: Comparing Ceremony Venues
5-3: Comparing Reception Venues

Chapter 6: Food, Glorious Food
6-1: Suggested Alcoholic Beverages for 100 Guests
6-2: Drinks and Supplies for Beverage Service
6-3: Comparing Caterers
6-4: Comparing Cake Creators
6-5: Example of Food Order
6-6: Example of Wedding Cake Order

Chapter 7: Your Guests
7-1: Examples of Wording for Invitations
7-2: Correct Formats for Guests’ Names
7-3: Spreadsheet for Tracking Guests
7-4: Example of an Invitation and Stationery Order

Chapter 8: The Visual Record
8-1: Suggested Photographs
8-2: Comparing Photographers/Videographers
8-3: Example of a Photography/Videography Order

Chapter 9: Music
9-1: Comparing Musicians
9-2: Example of Instruction to Musicians

Chapter 11: Wedding Apparel
11-1: FTC Regulations Concerning Wedding Gowns
11-2: Planning Your Wedding Party’s Apparel
11-3: Renting Wedding Apparel

Chapter 12: Flowers
12-1: Comparing Florists
12-2: Example of an Order for Flowers

Chapter 13: Gifts
13-1: Sample Gift Registry List

Chapter 14: Details, Details
14-1: Planning Venue Decorations
14-2: Template for Creating a Seating Plan
14-3: Sample Sheet for Ordering Transportation

Chapter 16: Let the Celebration Begin
16-1: Example of a Schedule for a Reception Venue
16-2: Example of a Schedule for a Photographer
16-3: Example of a Schedule for a Band
16-4: Example of a Bride’s Schedule for a
Wedding Day – Late Afternoon Wedding

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